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What are the criteria for judging the quality of high-quality PE shrinkable film?

What are the criteria for judging the quality of high-quality PE shrinkable film?

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First: first look at transparency and gloss, high-quality PE heat shrink film has good transparency and good gloss, look under the sun, there is not much impurities, clean;
Second: The shrinking ability, excellent quality of PE heat shrinkable film, in the hot PE heat shrinkable film packaging machine, its ability to shrink faster; and poor quality, it can not be a good contraction, or to go through two to three times the heat Contracting the machine to complete the contraction process;
Third: sealing, we will encounter many times when the PE heat shrinkable film through the thermal PE shrink film packaging machine, there will be a crack, or wrinkle, or a small hole, which is the embodiment of the seal; high-quality PE heat The sealing of the shrink film is very good. After the heat shrinking process is completed, it is very beautiful and really achieves the desired shrinkage effect.
Fourth: Anti-piercing strength, that is to say, PE heat-shrinking film plays the protective role we want during transportation. The high-quality PE heat-shrinkable film has high anti-piercing strength and will not be easily punctured;
Fifth: The function of shrinking memory is strong, and the retracting and tightening is good. This is reflected in the protection of the product when the whole product and its components are shrink-wrapped. It will not cause any disorder, or the packaging will not be completed. There are similarities.
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